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    All in one Vacation Rental Software...
    About us

Rentability is an All-In-One Vacation Rental Software for the rental of holiday houses and apartments.

The “centre” of the whole system is the specialised software Rentability – PMS, which is connected:

with all international and established Marketing Channels - Vacation Rental Portals, e.g. Homeaway.com, Holidaylettings.com etc,

with your modern professional website,

with the unique Greek vacation rental portal, viloxenia.com

Rentability is available in 3 versions

and aims to fully and completely cover the needs of Rental Owners, Property Managers the Travel agents who work in the field of short-term rentals/leases of holiday houses and apartments.

It is oriented to intense advertisement in the international market and specialised in following the Reservations, the Availability, Pre-payments and Payments management and the issuance of respective documents.

The Benefits it offers

  • Full control and management of Reservations with adaptable calendars

  • Flexible management of multiple Rates for accommodation and Services’ pricelists

  • Unique management and control of Financial Transactions (Advance payments, Cash flow, Total turnover, Invoices, Receipts and proofs of payment etc.)

  • Direct Promotion and Advertisement with automatic update of the reservation calendar in more than 35 Marketing Channels through “Bridges” and “synchronisation”

  • Unique presence on the Internet for your special business with separate Website

We address to

Rental Owners

Rental Owners

Property Managers

Rental Property Managers

Travel agents

Small Travel Agents

Boutique Hotels

Boutique Hotels

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