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    Forms for Visitors, Owners, Managers...

Forms for Visitors, Owners, Managers

Forms for Visitors,
Owners, Managers

Rentability contains all forms and letters that are necessary and essential during the management and arrangement of the process of the visitors’ accommodation.

Automated or controlled sending of forms/ letters per reservation status (Booked, Inquiry, or Cancelled) to the visitor, property owner and property manager. Adaptable sending thanks to Workflows system.

Documents (receipts and Invoices) adaptable to your data, information, corporate name and Logo. They are automatically or not created depending on the stage of the process.

Immediate printing each time it is deemed necessary and essential.


Repeated and necessary updates of the visitors/ customers during each stage of the contact process, following the confirmation of their reservation and after their departure safeguard unique quality of services and valuable time-saving.

The integrated Workflows system is easily implemented and according to your way of operation.

It includes all stages of the overall rental process – from arrival until departure and after it – with determination and adaptation of the forms and letters, as well as the texts you wish to include and mention.