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    Reservations Management
    Full control with direct filtration...

Reservations Management

  • Reservations List

    Full control with direct filtration of each reservation status and each property. Research and classification with any filter you wish (Arrival – departure date, Visitor’s name etc.). Entry of new reservation with automatic finding of available dates. Tools for the calculation of revenues and the overall availability, per property and for specific time period.

  • Reservations Calendars

    Adaptable reservations’ diaries. Have a look in the whole reservations plan per month/ quarter/ semester and annually. Different colour highlights so as to easily separate the Status of each reservation (Booked, Inquiry, Blocked, or Cancelled). Enter or process a reservation directly on the calendar. See the total amount for each reservation, the invoice and any related receipts of the reservation simply by clicking on each reservation.

  • Research of Reservations

    Research easily and directly with the use of any filter you wish (arrival – departure date, Customer’s name etc.) and find the reservation you are interested in. See immediately the arrivals of the following days and the upcoming departures by choosing the time period you wish.

  • Classification of Reservations

    Classify the list of your reservation in ascending and descending order, per arrival – departure date, customer’s name, number of visitors etc. Filter on the basis of the Status (Inquiry, Booked, or Cancelled) and/or on the basis of each property.

  • Revenues Calculation

    Calculate at any time the total amount of revenues of all reservations, per property, for each season and per status of each reservation (Booked, Inquiry). Examine any opportunities for offers and suggestions to the interested visitors in order to improve the number of your reservations.

  • Status of Reservations

    Determine the status of each reservation (Booked, Inquiry, Blocked, or Cancelled) according to the communication with the interested visitor. Update according to the status of each reservation and change it according to its evolution. Autoresponders or controlled e-mail sending shall inform the visitor at each stage of the status of the reservation.

  • Sources of reservations

    You receive reservations from your Website, from Villas2Rent.gr and from all the Marketing Channels (Homeaway.com, Holidaylettings.com, Airbnb.com etc.) with which Rentability has been connected. Check directly from which source comes each reservation. You may filter the source of the reservation and check on all reservations of each source separately. Print in group the reservations received from each source and for each time period.

  • Automatic availability control

    Systems of automatic availability control shall update the visitor and the property manager regarding the availability or not of each property. Prepared forms to immediately suggest alternative dates in case of non-availability so as the interested visitor to choose. Update regarding any offers on different days of accommodation.

  • Automatic Documents generation

    Automatic generation of Invoices and the 1st receipt immediately after the entry of the visitor’s reservation and the receipt of advance payment. Voucher dispatch. Direct calculation of the overall amount for each reservation, of the amount collected and the balance to be paid. Issuance of additional receipts and their association with the reservation invoice.

  • Automatic calculations tools

    The tools of automatic calculation of the revenues and the availability help you have a complete image of your results according to the number and duration of current reservations. Predictions based on future reservations (Status: Inquiry) will help you have an overall image regarding the progress of the season and the improvement of your reservations.

  • Auto Responders

    Automatic sending of forms/ letters with the respective information according to the reservation’s status (Booked, Inquiry, or Cancelled) to each visitor, the property owner and the property manager.Choose the proper forms/ letters and arrange their automatic sending with Workflows system.

  • Printings

    Choose the way you wish to generate printable reports for your reservations.Classify and group your data in the way you consider appropriate in order to form an opinion regarding your business.