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    Property Management
    Describe clearly and in detail
    your property

Full registration

Full registration of your property is a significant parameter for its proper promotion and advertisement to your potential customers. You will find all fields that are required so as to register any and all information it is necessary regarding your property.

All registered information is identical in all Marketing Channels (Homeaway.com, Holidaylettings.com, Airbnb.com etc.) with which Rentability is connected.


Describe clearly and in detail your property.Give it the proper title and a short description.

Describe its interior and exterior as thoroughly as possible so as all information to be available to your potential visitors.

Detailed description helps potential customers decide.

Virtual Tour

Upload unique photos of your property; they will make the difference. You may enter totally 24 chosen photos of all the spaces of your property.

Connect your property with one or more videos you have uploaded to your YouTube channel.

Moreover, connect Virtual Tours you have created and uploaded to your Share channel


Potential visitors of your property want to have sufficient information regarding their destination.

Describe the area where your property is located to help your potential visitors be informed and decide to visit the area and find out its qualities, its uniqueness and the experiences they will gain.

According to the information you enter, an automatic system will score your property to help you understand if it is actually ready to be promoted and advertised on your Website, on Villas2Rent.gr and all the Marketing Channels (Homeaway.com, Holidaylettings.com, Airbnb.com etc.) with which Rentability is connected.

At a glance...

  • Reservations

    See the list of all reservations regarding each property at a glance.

    Classify them by arrival – departure date, name of visitor and any other filter you wish.

  • Reservations calendar

    See the reservations calendar per month/ quarter/ semester and annually for each property.Different colour highlights are used to easily separate the Status of each reservation (Booked, Inquiry, or Cancelled). See all details for each reservation, invoice and related receipts with only one “click”.

  • Status of Reservations

    See the status of each reservation (Booked, Inquiry, Blocked, or Cancelled) for the specific property. Follow each reservation according to its status and change it according to its evolution. Autoresponders or controlled e-mails inform the visitor, Owner and Manager regarding the status of the reservation.

  • Arrivals / Departures list

    See at a glance the list of arrivals and departures grouped per arrival and departure date and per customer.

    Classify the list of reservations in ascending and descending order, by arrival and departure date.

With just one click...

Occupancy Control
Rentability contains tools regarding the calculation of occupancy for each property. See total occupancy and availability at a glance according to a specific range of dates. Use several ways to improve it, if necessary.
Revenues’ Calculation
Rentability contains tools for the calculation of revenues/ turnover of each property. See at a glance the total revenues for a specific range of dates. Use ways to improve them if you are not satisfied.
Each visitor’s accommodation is completed with the issuance of an invoice. The initial invoice is automatically generated upon confirmation of reservation. You may issue more invoices if necessary. Rentability contains all related documents which are automatically adapted to your data, Corporate name and Logo.
Each Invoice related to a reservation/ accommodation of each visitor is accompanied by one or more receipts. Upon receipt of the advance payment for each reservation by a customer, the respective receipt is automatically generated and printed. The total amount of the invoice and the receipts calculate the total balance of the customer’s reservation.


Variable Pricelists

Begin the creation of your main accommodation pricelist and then create as many variable pricelists you wish according to the time period, the holidays or events, directly and easily. Automatic calculation of reservations including days of accommodation for a period from two different pricelists.

Services Pricelist

Enter the pricelist for the provided services. Choose among the services that are charged per day and per number. Choose which of them are included in the accommodation price (e.g. breakfast, housekeeping etc.).

Perfect flexibility...

  • Property research

    Easy research of properties with any filter you want (Location, Owner, Type of property, square meters etc.).

    Group your properties per Location, Owner etc.

  • Properties’ classification

    Classify your properties in ascending and descending order, owner’s name, type of property etc.

    Filter them according to the responsible partner.

  • Pricelists’ Copy

    Copy the pricelist for accommodation and services you have entered for a property to one or more other properties available for rental so as to save much time. Then, you can improve/ change the prices for the new properties for each period of time.

  • Printings

    Choose the way you wish to create printable reports for your properties. Classify and group your properties in the way you consider suitable.