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Fill in the “Registration Form” by “clicking” on “Registration” on the homepage. Follow the 3 steps to complete your registration and your payment. You will receive directly an E-mail with the password and the instruction manual. Upon receipt of your request, we will contact you within 24 hours in order to schedule your training programme.

There is no extra charge apart from the price you have to pay depending on the selected package (Basic, Professional, Premium). The Annual or semestrial cost of the selected subscription includes the Management Program (Rentability – PMS), Website (Template), the Bridges with 20 + Vacation Rental Portals and the publication of your properties on Viloxenia.com (Basic subscription – Free of charge). You should know that the publication on 20 + Vacation Rental Portals is Free of charge, however from each reservation you receive from each one of them 10% to 20% is withheld depending on trade policy of each Vacation Rental Portal.

If you interrupt for some time you may activate your subscription any time later within one year from the interruption without any additional cost. If this period has elapsed, then you will be charged 70€ for the reconnection. This cost concerns the additional management cost suffered by our company.

For any package the shortest period you may subscribe is one semester. Regardless the package you have selected you will have to pay the monthly cost of the package for at least one semester. The renewal of your subscription will be automatically effectuated upon payment of the respective six-month amount. For annual subscription there 10% discount is offered.

Of course. The upgrade/ transition from one package to another is made directly upon registration and payment of the any difference of charge.

After your registration and the payment of the package you have selected, you receive immediately the passwords and the necessary instruction so as to use the software promptly. Your training programme is scheduled and we begin to create your Website (Template).

The selection of the appropriate package is determined by your position (Rental Owner, Property Manager, Travel Agent, or Boutique Hotel) and the number of properties that are available for rental. No matter which subscription package you choose, you will be provided Rentability – PMS Management Software, the Website (Template), the Bridges with 20+ Vacation Rental Portals and the presentation of your properties on Viloxenia.com (Basic subscription – Free of charge).

Rentability – PMS Management Software is installed on an online Server of our Company. It is provided as Cloud application so as to have access anytime/ anywhere and from any device (Smart Phone, Tablet, and Laptop). Therefore, an internet connection is necessary.


Of course. We help you choose the appropriate domain name and we can register it for your account so as to follow up its expiration date.

Your website is hosted on our Company’s on-line Server.

There is no additional hosting cost if you have chosen the Template Website which is free of charge. There is additional annual hosting cost only if you wish to create for you a new Website.

For the Template Website that is Free of Charge there are the following possibilities: You can add your own texts and change it anytime. You may add your Company’s Logo and your elements and change them anytime. You will need to have prepared your texts and your Logo. It will immediately appear on the Internet. Your website includes a properties’ “Search Engine”, “presentation of results” in the search, Complete card of presentation of your property, communication mechanism with you etc.

There are 2 more website types available with additional cost.You may choose one of the numerous templates we offer you and describe us the changes you wish us to make so as to be completed according to your needs and wishes. We can create a unique website for the rental of your properties. We will design it together from scratch and it will include everything you want.

This is possible but it depends on a number of parameters that they should be clarified first. For instance, the technology used for the creation of your Website, the fields of the database that have been used for your properties etc. For further information, please contact us.

Yes. You can upload the properties and accommodation you have in numerous Websites for short-term rental if your Websites have been created by your Company.


Yes. You can instantly customize the booking engine completely on your existing website, without the need for the visitor to be moved to a different environment outside of your website.

You can continue to appear your properties as you have specified up to now. However, if desired, they can be displayed on a new page. The appearance of this new page can be perfectly tailored to the design of your website.

It may appear just as you have specified so far. If desired, it may be displayed in conjunction with the booking engine on a new page, always, in your website. The look of the new page can be perfectly tailored to the design of your website.

Yes. The booking engine is linked to an on-line payment processor and also with Alpha Bank's on-line payment system.

Yes. Rentability PMS is the admin/management environment, which provides you with comprehensive management of bookings, payments and communication with your customers.


Rentability – PMS Management Software is bridges with 20+ among the most known international vacation rental portals. These websites receive daily a big number of visitors/ travellers looking for holiday accommodation. Their aim is to supply you with “Reservations” so as to increase your occupancy. You will have to create an account (Registration) in as many as you wish to collaborate with and post your properties. Airbnb.com, Homeaway.com, , Booking.com, Villas.com, Expendia.com, onlyapartments.com, holidaylettings.com are some of the most known Vacation Rental Portals.

Visit the page Marketing Channels to see a full list of them.

You will be informed regarding the cost upon registration and the creation of your account for each one of the Vacation Rental Portals. It depends on the commercial policy of each portal. For your information the cost concerns the deduction of a commission for each reservation you receive. Indicatively we would like to mention, that this percentage is between 10% and 20%.

You will necessarily have to create and keep an account in as many international Vacation Rental Portals as you wish to post your properties.


Viloxenia.com is a Vacation Rental Portal which is an integral part of Rentability – PMS Management Software. In Viloxenia.com only the users of Rentability- PMS Management Software may post their properties free of charge.

Your registration in Viloxenia.com is simultaneous with your registration in one of the packages you have selected (Basic, Professional, Premium) of Rentability – PMS Management Software.

Viloxenia.com offers an additional advertising package (Plus Pack) so as your properties to appear on the homepage, to appear first in the search results and to receive on-line reservations and payments. If you choose this package (Plus Pack), then for each reservation you will receive from Viloxenia.com there will be 6% commission per booking.


There are 4 hours of training available in two ways: on a specific appointment in the Company’s headquarters or remotely with a specific e-mail with which you can see on your screen the presentation of the programme. The colleague from the training department will help you by telephone understand and learn how to use it and with any questions you may have. The support you will receive will be beyond your expectations.

A full instruction manual in electronic form including step-by-step instructions along with the “masks” of Rentability – PMS Management Software and comprehensible texts will help you learn quickly how to use it effectively. In any case, you may call us for any questions. Furthermore, our Company regularly organises information and training days at its headquarters completely FREE of charge so as to go into learning it. For the organisation of training days you will be informed one month beforehand with a special newsletter.


As aforementioned, Rentability – PMS Management Software is installed in our Company’s online Server. It is offered as Cloud application so as to have access anytime, anywhere and from any device (Smart Phone, Tablet, Laptop). Therefore, an internet connection is necessary. Consequently, your data are stored in the hard disc of the online Server of Rentability – PMS and our Company is responsible for the protection and the back-ups of your data.

The hosting of Rentability – PMS Management Software and your Website in our Company’s online Server will be made in one of the biggest Data Centres in Europe and the storage of your data there will be much more secure than their storage in your computer’s hard disc. The reason for this is that Companies hosting Servers have much more secure methods, processes, programmes and systems for their customers’ data than the possibilities provided to you by a “router” at your Office or at home. In any case, you may daily extract your data also in your own computer. Moreover, our Company uses SSL certificates with strong encryption and Authentication. SSL certificates are used to create a secure connection between a browser (user’s computer) and a server (Cloud application/ Website). SSL connection protects all sensitive data as well as credit card information provided during each visit.


There are 3 alternative methods of payment:
1) By credit card from Rentability.gr Website
2) By deposit to our Company’s Bank account; and
3) Payment with credit card at the headquarters of our Company.

In case you do not pay the amount of payment for the renewal of the provision of services of the package you have selected, the provision of all services will be interrupted in case you do not respond following three information letters you will receive within one month.