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Task Plans

Task Management


Operational Calendar

Guest Invoices & payment receipts

Comprehensive Housekeeping Reports

Task Plans

All the necessary tasks of a service are included in a Task Plan.

Set up of a Task Plan is a simple and flexible procedure. Housekeeping module allows you to create as many Task Plans are necessary and appropriate for the full automation of cleaning services and for handling all offered services to your clients (Operation Management).

Each Task Plan includes one or more tasks. For each task you can specify its recurrence, so that to be recreated as many times as needed during a reservation (Recurrence).


Task Scheduling

Schedule by housekeeper

Tasks are created, automatically, for each booking. A task describes the necessary time, work and cost on the basis of an offered service included in the reservation (eg Cleaning service) or on the basis of any extra-handling services which will be requested by the client.

Tasks scheduling is created and assigned, automatically, to each housekeeper/partner. Each partner is immediately informed for all tasks which has to perform on a specific date and time.


For each task included in a visitor's reservation, housekeepers automatically get informed via email and SMS for each task has to be performed.

Cleaning staff and services suppliers is also informed by the printing of work orders. Easily create work order templates and text messages.


Operational Calendar

Operational Calendar shows the overall planning of the work (work plan) and offers total control for the execution of service operations and coordination of partners.

Property manager can at a glance see per day / week / month the work to be performed in one or more houses and which visitors reservations concerning each task and from who housekeeper should be implemented.

Guest Invoices & payment receipts

Automatic generation of Guest receipts and invoices of payment for each additional service offered to the customer now.

Recalculate and adjust the overall customer balance amount. Print Invoice and receipt of payment.


Comprehensive Housekeeping Reports

Available all the necessary and required Reports for complete control of tracking and implementation of customer services.

- By Booking time period (from ...... to)

- Per Booking / Guest

- Per property

- Per Housekeeper

Reports related to the costing analysis of tasks, the total services revenue and profit / loss statements per period, per property and per Housekeeper are also available at a glance.