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The international market of vacation villas and properties rental continuously increases. Interested visitors search a vacation property as an alternative way of accommodation and holidays instead of hotels. Unique properties are rented for that purpose and offer services corresponding to those offered by hotels.

Το Rentability – PMS Software
Rentability – PMS Software
gives you the excellent opportunity of advertising your vacation properties in most and most powerful marketing channels that have been established in the market of vacation rental.
Manage all marketing channels (internationally established vacation rental portals) from one spot: your Rentability-PMS Software.
Just register your vacation property and the related information, choose the international vacation rental portal you want to be advertised on and automatically all information, photos, availability and pricing will be synchronised. Inquires and reservations by the interested visitors will be directly entered in your software.


Update and synchronise the reservation calendars and the information regarding your vacation properties. Promote and advertise your vacation properties on the global market with only one “click”.

The channel manager of the partner international vacation rental portals offers you a two-way calendar sync of your properties.

This synchronisation also includes the update of the pricing depending on the season, the information for each property and its direct promotion and advertisement on more than 20 established vacation rental portals free of charge.

Marketing Channels


The possibility to connect via iCal allows you to synchronise free of charge the reservations calendar of your vacation properties with all participating vacation rental Portals.

The connection of Rentability – PMS with iCal provides the possibility of direct synchronisation of the calendars free of charge to all the subscribers of Professional and Premium packages. The only thing that is necessary is once and only to follow the instructions about the necessary settings in each one of the vacation rental Portals you are interested in. Thereafter your calendar will automatically update the respective calendars of the vacation rental Portals.



Update only your software regarding any changes about reservations and information related to your vacation properties and take advantage of the dynamics of interconnections via the Channel Manager for the automatic update of all the other marketing channels without wasting valuable time but also providing reliable information and unique professional presence.

We collaborate with most and the most established internationally specialised websites in the vacation rental market. We consult and help you choose those we consider the most appropriate for your vacation properties.

Rentability – PMS Software continuously updates the international vacation rental websites that you have chosen to collaborate for the actual availability of your properties to avoid double reservations.