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    Booking Engine
    Specialized booking engine for accommodation rentals


  • on-line bookings
    Receive bookings and notifications for any a new booking immediately
  • on-line payments
    Immediate payment of the booking by the guest
  • real time availability update
    Automatically update availability calendar
  • avoid overbookings
    Real-time updates
  • immediately update any changes
    Any changes of accommodation details, photos and prices are immediately updated
  • adapt your own payment terms
    Adopt your own payment policy that you wish
  • adapt your own cancellation policy
    Your cancellation policy applies
  • be independent
    Flexibility and freedom in overall management and communication with your customers
  • with absolute control
    Immediate adjustment to any change of your payment policy and property details
  • avoid any cost of commissions
    Avoid commissions that apply to bookings received from sales channels


  to receive online bookings from your website
  to have the option of receiving payments from your website
  to fully integrate a Booking Engine into your existing website
  to integrate a booking engine based on your existing website design and artwork
  to specify the appearance of your accommodations on your existing website
  to show availability, rates, photos and details of your properties in real time
  to display promotions and special offers for specific accommodations over a time period

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