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Rentability-PMS is a simple and complete web application that keeps track on all phases and procedures of vacation rental management from inquiry to checkout. It accepts and manages inquiries from multiple Sales Channels (Homeaway.com, Booking.com, Airbnb.com κ.α). It Synchronizes, automatically, property details, fotos, Pricing and Bookings. It offers a Business outlook for all aspects. It, also, keeps track for payments, produces invoices and receipts and more. Its available anytime anywhere and accessible from any type of devices (Desk Top, SmartPhones, Tablets)

Inquiry Management

Inquiries by customers for reservations are registered in the list of reservations as standby until their definitive confirmation.

The interested visitors and property owner receive Autoresponders or controlled information notice with all information about the reservation and all other necessary information. Automated reminders will inform you to contact with the interested visitors in order to confirm their reservation. Inquires from your website and villas2rent.gr are automatically entered in the management software with standby sign.

Inquiries that are standby become confirmed upon receipt of advance payment by the visitor. The necessary filters help you find immediately and effectively all inquiries. All necessary and essential information notices are available for continuous communication with the interested visitors.

Reservations Management

Complete reservations management with the possibility to filter any information you wish (Arrival date, Departure date, Guest’s name, Property etc.). Upon confirmation of the reservation and receipt of the advance payment, the Invoice and the 1st receipt for the advance payment paid by the guest are automatically generated. Meanwhile, an autoresponder or controlled information message with all elements of the reservation and detailed information is sent to the guest (Voucher) and the Property owner.

There is the possibility of extra fees based on additionally provided services made on the reservation and automatic recalculation of the overall balance. Immediate calculation of overall revenues on the basis of the registered Reservations, totally or on selected dates or on the basis of the status of reservations (Inquiry, Booked, Blocked or Cancelled) and per property. Automatic calculation of occupancy and availability for each season or property etc. Adaptable and secure payment of reservations by guests from their website and from Villas2Rent.gr with direct save of their reservation. PMS- Rentability collaborates with Payment gateway platform of Alpha Bank which includes most credit cards and safeguards secure payments and transactions.


Central Reservation Calendar

Multiple available views help you have a full image of your reservations at a glance. See all your reservations for all the rented properties per month, quarter, semester and annually. Discern easily with different colour highlights the reservations according to their status: Inquiry, Booked, Blocked from Marketing Channels (Homeaway etc.) and villas2rent.gr et al.

Synchronise with one click your reservations’ calendar (iCal) with the calendars of the Vacation Rental Portals, such as Airbnb.com and others.

Enter immediately a new reservation with the selection of open dates. Automatic control, update and limitation of the reservation entry in case of selection of dates already booked. Block time periods and specific dates on which you wish your property to appear unavailable.

Property Database

Enter all available properties for short-term rental. The unique detailed entry of the property and its location in combination with the entry of several photos, videos and virtual tours of the property help you promote your property in the most effective way to interested visitors. Automatic control and update regarding the completeness of your property’s scoring before you upload it to be advertised on the Marketing Channels we collaborate with (e.g. Homeaway), to Villas2Rent.gr and your Website.

Create dynamic variable pricelists per property (Variable pricing –Basic, Low season, High season, early booking etc.). Entry of the provided services (e.g. Housekeeping, breakfast etc.) and creation of a special pricelist for additional services.

Any change in the prices of your pricelists is immediately uploaded to your website and all associate Marketing Channels. Special tools regarding preparation, control and checks of your pricelists. Get informed at a glance regarding the reservations, payments and collections, revenues and availability of each property.

Guest Managment

Guest Management

See the complete list of guests with all reservations made at any time in the past. Easily and quickly locate guests with more than one reservation.

Add notes and comments, detailed information and communication details for each guest to help you in the communication and marketing of your properties.

Contact Management

Rentability – PMS includes a complete set of prepared information notices, letters, vouchers and other forms that are useful and necessary for the short-term property rental. The use of the forms is designed to cover all stages of the rental process and the communication with the guest.

From the expression of interest, the accommodation and departure, there are available all forms that are automatically generated and automatically sent (auto-responders) or according to your choice and wish. All forms may be adapted to your desires and exclusively include your own messages. They safeguard a professional approach and immediate and dynamic communication with your guests and save time for you.

Accounting Management

Accounting Management

For any transaction with your guests you may issue the respective Document (Receipt) for the confirmation of the advance payment or the collection of the amount paid up for a service.

After the confirmation of each guest’s reservation and payment of the advance payment, it is automatically generated the first total Invoice and the first receipt for the advance payment. At any time you may take a look at the “Collected” and “Due amount” of each reservation. Issuance of additional receipts for the guest. See the total turnover per property, for all properties and per season.

Accept Credit Cards Securely

Guests may directly make their reservation from your website and pay with their Credit card. Their reservation shall be immediately registered in the reservations of Rentability – PMS.

The payment via credit card is effectuated absolutely securely and credibly through a special bank platform. You may pay with most of the credit cards from any country. Payments via credit card are synchronised with the guest’s reservation and it is automatically calculated the “Collected” and the “Due Amount” for the reservation.



Credit Cards
Payments via credit cards on your Website, Villas2Rent and all Vacation portals securely and reliably
Bank account
Reservations and Payments with deposit to your bank account
Reservations and Payment with deposit to your PayPal account
Creadit Cards