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    Owner Statements’ Management
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Owner Statements’ Management


The confirmation of the reservation of each visitor and the deposit of advance payment by them automatically generates the 1st receipt and the Voucher is immediately sent to the customer.

The issuance of additional receipts and their association with the reservation invoice of the customer will follow after each additional payment by your customer. The receipt documents are adapted to your data, information, Corporate name and Logo.

You only have to print the receipt each time it is necessary.



Automatic issuance of Invoice for the provision of services after each visitor’s confirmation of reservation.

Multiple receipts on per Invoice and per customer. Recalculation of the amount due after each collection. Automatic reminders of amounts due and for the issuance of documents help you have full control of the transactions.

Automatic generation with complete analysis of all information about the reservation and the services, as well as additional services for each customer. Detailed extra-accounting management.