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    Terms of Use

The company under the corporate name “THAN. ATHANASOPOULOS & PARTNERS Private Company” trading as “FORTUNET HELLAS Inc” (hereinafter for brevity’s sake referred to as the “Company”) beneficiary of the website www.rentability.gr, having as its purpose to provide subscription services to vacation rental professionals (Owners, Properties’ Managers, Travel Agents, Owner of Boutique Hotels) provides its services under the below in detail described conditions of use, which every visitor of rentability.gr and every subscriber to the services is kindly requested to read carefully and visit the websites and enter/ access the provided services through passwords only if they fully accept them. In case of disagreement the user is requested not to use rentability.gr and notify to the Company any remarks in order to be taken into consideration always as much as possible based on bona fide and honest exchange customs.

1. General
The Company offers to the visitors/ subscribers of rentability.gr a number of technology services (rented properties management software, websites, services for promotion and advertising their properties on associate Websites of third parties, training and support services), hereinafter for brevity’s sake referred to as “Rentability – All-in-one Vacation Rental Software” and other services which mainly consist of provision of information. The user/ subscriber of the services of the website rentability.gr fully and undeniably accepts that all information/ subscription services of rentability.gr are provided “as such” and the Company shall have no responsibility regarding the limited period, deletion, poor performance, failure of electronic storage of users’ data as well as any damage that may be caused due to the use of rentability.gr.
The use of rentability.gr shall be governed by the provisions of the Greek, European – Community and International Law that are binding for each user/ subscriber, who has to comply with them. Furthermore, the user/ subscriber has to use the content and the subscription services of rentability.gr according to local laws, fair practices and the present conditions, refraining from any action that may contest the ethics and the personality of other users/ subscribers or create any problem to the smooth functioning of rentability.gr 

2. Terms of service and provision of services

The user / subscriber who wishes to subscribe to the provided subscription services of the website, rentability.gr, should:

 -declare his / her true, complete and valid personal data as requested on the relevant registration forms of the website rentability.gr for access to its subscription services,

 -agree and accept that the version of PMS (Rentability-PMS / Rentability-PMS / Premium) is made following the presentation of its features and its full explanation of the benefits to the customer,

-the user/customer understands and recognizes that after subscribing to rentability.gr, the choice of the subscription package that he has decided may terminate the payment of the subscription service he has chosen with the mentioned payment methods,

-the user/customer, also, accepts the issue of the Service Invoice and reserves the obligation to complete the Company's data to be issued the relevant document. Also, agrees to carefully update the website, rentability.gr, for any change of its details and to ensure that these data remain constantly accurate and complete

3. Payment Methods.

-Web banking deposit in Fortunet Hellas Inc, banking account

-Payment of the related amount by credit card, debit card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners),

-Payment with Masterpass electronic wallet

-Payment via PayPal

4. Start using services

The start / use of the selected service subscription is made within 2 to 4 hours after the user / customer payment has been completed.

 5. Cancellation / refund policy

- Refund of the related amount can be made within 15 days from the date of payment and only in case that the Company has not offered any implementation service (access to service and  training sessions)

-In any other case the user may not be refunded.

 6. Security of transactions

All payments made using the card are processed through the electronic payment platform of "Alpha e-Commerce" of Alpha Bank and uses TLS 1.2 encryption protocol encryption with 128-bit (Secure Sockets Layer - SSL). Encryption is a way of coding the information until it reaches its recipient, who will be able to decode it using the appropriate key.

7. Beginning /Interruption of provision of services 

-The Company retains the exclusive right and the user / subscriber accepts it, to interrupt permanently or temporarily the use of access of the website, rentability.gr, with or without notice to users / subscribers for reasons of upgrading and troubleshooting.

-The Company reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the power for all subscription services provided and to cease providing any service to the user / subscriber if there are any overdue financial obligations of the user / subscriber or when the user does not proceed in time to the payment for the renewal of its service.

8. Limitation of the Company’s Liability
The Company uses its best endeavours, within the framework of technology control, so as the services, content and choices of rentability.gr to be provided without problems or interruption. However, the Company shall not be held liable in the event, for any reason, including negligence, the operation of rentability.gr is interrupted or access to it is difficult and/or impossible, despite the security measures, if “viruses” or any other malicious software are found and transferred to the users/ subscribers’ terminals, or in case third unauthorised persons (hackers) interfere in the content and operation of rentability.gr, rendering its use difficult or causing problems to its proper operation.
9. Disclaimer
The user/ subscriber understands that the Company bears no liability for the provided subscription services related to “Promotion and Advertising” of the rented properties of the “Customer” on “websites” of properties’ announcement by third suppliers (domestic or foreign), for any problems regarding the presentation of their properties on Websites of third suppliers (domestic or foreign) which may arise and for which these third suppliers (domestic and foreign) are exclusively liable. The company’s services are exclusively about subscription services and not necessarily all the computerised equipment of the customer. In no case they are not related to issues regarding the proper function of the Customer’s equipment and the customer’s ability to connect to the Internet.
10. Liability from Advertisement
The Company has no liability regarding the communication of the user/ subscriber with third parties advertised on rentability.gr. Moreover, the Company is not responsible for any issue that may arise from the conclusion of any commercial transaction between the user/ subscriber and the third advertised party.
11. Duration
The user/ member fully and unconditionally accepts the exclusive right of the Company to terminate the use of their password(s) to rentability.gr and interrupt the disposal of the content and the services of rentability.gr whenever the Company considers that these users/ subscribers have violated the present conditions. The Company reserves the right to unilaterally terminate all the provided subscription services and the provision of any service to the Customer if there are amounts due by the Customer deriving from any invoice issued under these conditions or any other invoice for products or services.
12. Links
Rentability.gr contains references to websites for the content and the services of which the Company has no liability nor does it guarantee their continuous and secure accessibility. Therefore, for any problem that may arise during the visit/ use of these websites, the user/ subscriber has to directly contact the respective website (domestic or foreign) that is held exclusively liable for the remedy of the said problem. The Company in no case should be considered that it accepts or adopts the content or the services of the websites and the websites they refer to or that it is in any way connected to them. For any problem arising during the visit of the above websites (domestic and foreign), the beneficiary of the said website is exclusively responsible.
13. Personal data protection
The Company covers all the personal data and information, as well as the conditions of collection, processing and treatment of personal data of the users/ members/ subscribers of rentability.gr. In no case this does not cover the relationship between the users/ members/ subscribers with other partner Websites for vacation rental that are not subject to the control/ ownership of the company. The Company collects personal data from rentability.gr:
When the visitor/ user signs up for its subscription services
When the visitor/ user uses its services
When the visitor/ user uses the pages of rentability.gr and enters in vacation properties and apartments rental management software, its website, (or any similar) software.
Every user shall be obliged to declare true and complete particulars and to inform rentability.gr for any change, providing all necessary information in order these particulars to be complete, true and updated.
The user accepts and consents the Company, in accordance with the provisions of Law 2472/1997, as amended by Law 3471/1996 and currently in force, will keep a file and will process any personal data come to its knowledge (the Company’s) from the visit of the user on rentability.gr aiming to:
the fulfilment of the conditions and obligations of separate subscription and other services provided by rentability.gr to its users/ subscribers;
the general information of the user;
the satisfaction of all requirements of the user regarding the services available on rentability.gr;
the user’s information regarding new offers, services, products etc. (indicatively the dispatch of marketing newsletters, new offers, announcement of new services etc.), the smooth operation of rentability.gr, and any action related to the above.
14. Cookies
The Company may – and the user/ member/subscriber accepts it – use cookies on rentability.gr for the recognition by the user/ subscriber of some of its services and pages. The cookies are small text files stored at the computer of each user/ subscriber during its navigation on rentability.gr and the use of its services. They usually describe data of the user/ subscriber, such as user name and password with a view not to have to submit these data again in a future entrance and navigation of the user/ subscriber on rentability.gr.

15. Applicable law - Jurisdiction
For any dispute that may arise regarding the function and use of rentability.gr, in case its consensual settlement is not possible, Athens Courts are competent for it. For any dispute regarding the interpretation and implementation of these terms and conditions, as well as any other issue regarding the use of rentability.gr, the Greek Law shall apply.

Last Updated: 17-04-2018